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This detailed brochure providing key issues and information for investors considering business operations in Luxembourg has been provided by the office of UHY representatives.

Doing Business in Luxembourg

This new edition of our annual capability statement illustrates how we have continued to strengthen our close working relationships with our clients locally, internationally or cross-border throughout sectors, specialisms and geographical regions – and, more importantly, it includes what our clients say about our services.

Capability statement

We are pleased to present our 2023 edition of the UHY Global Transfer Pricing Guide, a country- by-country collaboration built on our individual member firms’ comprehensive input. UHY’s international network spans nearly 100 countries across more than 340 business centres. The guide is an indispensable reference tool for finance and tax specialists within multinational companies, or those considering cross-border ventures, in what is an increasingly complex area of tax planning and compliance.

Global Transfer Pricing Guide

Welcome to issue 17 of UHY Global, our six-monthly magazine for businesses with an international outlook. With a mix of features, discussion and insights provided by our network of member firms across the world, UHY Global aims to provide a window on some of the biggest challenges facing us as countries, companies, communities and citizens.

UHY Global - issue 17 - December 2023

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